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The History of the World’s Car Was Found First

The History of the World’s Car Was Found First

The history of the Car – The history of the world’s car was found first is someone who comes from the country of France in 1879 not yet another IE Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. The development of the car in the world has been growing rapidly at times that has modern, from gasoline-fueled cars, cars with electric power, the car uses energy heat and light from the Sun or solar power. So did the shape of the car itself, with various models and variations of the exterior and interior. The sophistication of electricity to the device it is already contrived with computerized settings. No wonder the price again until the car is currently up to hundreds of billions of rupiah.

The history of the world’s Car was found First-Benz Patent MotorwagenMobil found the first time in the world is a steam-powered car in 1801 by Cugnot. The inspiration of the development of the first car this time by Cugnot is from a horse-drawn carriage fitted with tires.  Over time eventually found the car in the history of the first world this time followed by a British citizen named Richard Trevithick. And finally, the steam-powered car is experiencing rapid development again when routed in Birmingham, the United Kingdom by Lunar Society.

Car Was Found First-Carl Friedrich Benz MesinNamun in 1886

, a citizen of Germany had a development car with gasoline fuel. The history of the world’s car found it first with gasoline fuel is named Carl Benz.  Meanwhile, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach from Stuttgart also developed the car with gasoline fuel at about the same time. In the year 1879, Carl Benz completed its discovery and became the history of the world’s car was found first that claim.


A new discovery again i.e. car with a two-stroke engine model finally patented to George b. Selden in 1895, history found the car in the world the first time with a spectacular machine model also became a breakthrough for Berta Benz in the year 1888.  Within a few years, finally, some models and types of cars that is steam power, electric and petrol at the year experienced competition. They produced a car with a large scale and at affordable prices at such times, in 1902 by Oldsmobile flourished. Later in the year 1910 was more heavily developed by Henry Ford.


The invention of the diesel engine in 1882 became an important round in the history of the car. In January 1882, when diesel-fueled engines were introduced and then the widely used community.


When first created, the diesel engine is emerging as a milestone of being able to make the machine more efficient in fuel use. Diesel engines continue to grown arend is still used as one of the car’s engine.


The History of the Car : Embryo Car 1886

this vehicle was created by experts of the machine the origin Germany, Karl Benz in 1885.

this vehicle was created by experts of the machine the origin Germany, Karl Benz in 1885.

After that then appear the vehicle with gasoline-fuelled engines. Using three wheels the s as a drive, this vehicle was created by experts of the machine the origin Germany, Karl Benz in 1885.

The History of the Car : Decade of 1900

The first car Henry Ford

The first car Henry Ford

In the early 20th century this simple cars that already created begin to experience evolution. When first introduced, it was not yet time to use the car the steering round as we know it today.


Before 1900, the steering of the car-shaped half-lingering only. Some even use a kind of stick to driving the front wheel to the right and to the left. After 1900, steering worn round and indeed easier movement of the car.

The first car Henry Ford

The speed of the car also began to grow in height. Can reach 15-20 km/h. Already faster than walking speed of about 6 km/h. That’s why the Government of the State of Alabama, United States, limiting the maximum speed of the car while it is only 12 km/h.


In this era, Ford began to introduce the Model T that was phenomenal. Thanks to the help of a machine, the process of making this car sped from 7.5 hours to 146 unit/units/hour.


In 1913 was born the world’s first hybrid engine. Was Ferdinand Porsche who invented the hybrid machine named Lohne-Porsche Mixte Hybrid. The age of this machine when Porsche discovered new 18 years old.


History of the Car :Decade 1920

In this decade, the cars had started to become a part of human life. It even has become an industry that continues to grow as the emergence of new discoveries related to the car.

Duesenberg automobile of the year 1920


Duesenberg automobile of the year 1920

Duesenberg automobile of the year 1920



In the United States even many emerging industries that create a car from starting small scale to large scale. However, it seems that only those with large capitalization are able to survive.

Of about 253 industrial vehicles on 1908, the number being only 44 in 1929. Of that number, 80 per cent of the market dikuasi by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler.


In this decade, car radios were introduced. So car owners no longer feel lonely when driving alone.


History of the Car : The Decade of 1940

In the mid 20th century this, Central world engulfed in war conditions. Any affected automotive industry. They are so focused to create a vehicle that coula d be fruitful experience on the battlefield.


Jeep military years 1940-50s

Jeep military years 1940-50s

Jeep military years 1940-50s

One of the most important discoveries of the Decade was driving the vehicle with four wheels (four wheel drive). These vehicles are very suitable for the battlefield which have uneven soil conditions.


This military vehicle had a fairly high speed despite having to explore the territory of contoured up and down. Currently, people knew him as the Jeep.


The Decade of 1950

After the war finished, the world automobile back can develop a technology they had at the time. Appearing machine with injection technology in January 1951.

The first car that uses this injesi machine is Superior and Gutbrod Goliath GP 700 E sports coupe. Both of these cars are marketed to the public and official acclaim quite positive.


Car Goliath GP 700 E


The beginning of 1956, new technologies back found. This time the prototype catalytic converter began. This is swept up in the anxieties of the community when the amount of carbon dioxide that continues to increase along with the growth in the number of vehicles was further increased.


However, the work of Eugene Houdry technology when it’s still limited to trials and appliethe d to gasoline-fueled engine. But, the idea is arguably already a far step forward compared to the technology developed at the time.


The Decade of 1960

The history of the car entered a more advanced era.  The car is getting socialized with a design that is more compact and functional.


1960 VW Beetle


This could not escape the influence of the presence of the VW Beetle who have an unusual design and was ordained as a people’s car. VW Beetle was the inspiration from the appearance of the series, Civic, Corolla and Focus which is a pioneer with the cars design more simple and not great.


Since then, the car manufacturers started to race creates a more simple vehicles.


The Decade of 1970

The security side of the passenger in the vehicle were introduced in this decade. Beginning with the advent of technology airbags in 1974. Coupled with the seat belt that could help passengers avoid severe injuries when crashing.


Wagon 1970

This cannot be separated from the car’s speed continues to grow in stature. The machines used have a capacity the larger impact with higher maximum speed.


Proven in 1970, a special motorized vehicle capable of darting up to 1,000 km/h. The vehicle was named “Blue Flame” is ordained as the fastest vehicles on earth when the test is done in the Salt Bonneville, Utah, United States.


The Decade of 1980 and 1990

After the United States had a chance to dominate the automotive world several decades, beginning 1980, appeared heavy competitor. Japan which ravaged war has begun again to rise. brands like Honda and Toyota have even been able to penetrate the United States market. Japan manufacturers offer different vehicles from the land of Uncle Sam, so that the interest of the community there.


1997 Toyota Prius

Any technology developed capable of competing with the production cars United States and Europe. Like when Toyota for the first time introduced the Toyota Prius are phenomenal in 1997.

Toyota Prius became the first hybrid car in the world. This car was the inspiration of the cars of the future-tech produced decades later.

The decade 2000

The history of the car continued to develop positively in the second millennium. A number of the latest emerging technologies. Everything is aimed at creating a more efficient vehicles and environmentally friendly.


Honda FCX Clarity 2007

The desire of creating eco-friendly vehicles while the Peugeot looks capable of making Government and automotive manufacturers in Europe began to use the filter in the engine of the car. The use of this filter eventually became a must for the entire European production car for the sake of the health of its users.


Honda not to be outdone. In 2007 the manufacturer origin Japan began producing hydrogen-fuelled cars are environmentally friendly. Car production of the Honda FCX Clarity was named.

The Future of The  the History of the Car

Machines that are fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly is becoming the focus of every automobile manufacturer in the world. Although still limited scale prototype, manufacturers shows their seriousness against the impact of the increasing number of CO2 on the Earth.


As presented when VW introduced the protitipe their fuel-efficient vehicles in March 2013. At that time, VW car show-made them capable drove 100 km with just 1 liter of gasoline only.


In the world of Formula 1 racing also introduced a vehicle using battery power. FIA World Motorsport authorities as have started to hold electric car racing event at 2014. The plan, in 2018 will start held car racing formula with electricity-powered machines.


The most advanced current technology was developed by Tesla. This creates an autonomous car manufacturer other aircraft with autopilot mode. Although many critics, but the public interest against the autonomous car proved to be quite large.

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